Thursday, March 24, 2011

TSA Goes for the Gold

No criminal record for father and son? *Check*
Father has proper identification? *Check*
Son has legal last name that is different from Father? *Check*

So pretty much model citizens are detained for over 18 hours by the TSA for being too clean.

Nifty story I must say.

(With disturbing bonus picture of two TSA guys and the kid.)

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Life is full of change, if it wasn't it'd be boring. That said my life changed drastically in the past two months and in one way it sucks and in another the optimist in me is looking at this new chapter in life with a little excitement.

My leg is feeling better somewhat.I've been moving around a lot more other then sitting and doing the computer thing constantly. Morning and evening meetings with the horse unit and a dash of evening stall cleaning is helping me lose weight. Up side!

Today I put together four new dining chairs for my mother. I went through my Dad's tools and found a socket wrench and and 1/2" socket and an hex head socket attachment which let me whisk those chairs together in no time. Those cheap tools they give you with the chairs SUCK.

On another note, I miss my Dad since he passed away. It would have been really great to have him there to tell me where the socket wrench was for the two attachments I found first. Could have saved me a half hour of searching.

Also on another another note, I'm going to have to clean up and organize my Dad's tools. I did manage to find that he had a laser level. He was high tech and didn't tell me. >_>

Friday, March 4, 2011

Oh noes! My Weighted Companion Cube!

What ever will I do now?!!

Truely I will need to craft some swords. Must go and get raw materials at Papercraft!