Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Zuckermen Strikes Again!!!

Zuckermen, the evil pig genious has struck again! View the latest here!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Space Tornados!!!!

Gas, dust, etc spiral in to a wild and crazy display. Check out the space tornados!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Gallactic Collisions!

In a few years the Milkyway Galaxy will collide with the Andromida galaxy.

Here's a nifty simulation.

There is also a documentary on the subject here.

Some say when this happens, two things could happen to the earth depending where we are in the galaxy at the time. We'll either get thrown out of the galaxy or burned to a crisp from the collision of the two black holes. Glad it's a couple hundred million years away. :P

First Ever Planet Pic!

This may be the first ever picture of an extra solar planet. You can find it here with the article!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Ubuntu and the EEE PC

Today I got my EEE PC 1000 40G setup with the new version of Ubuntu EEE. As far as I can tell most of everything I want working out of the box is. I'm very happy with this because the default Asus OS that shipped with my EEE was broken all to hell and back and I did not want to run Windows. (ugh!)

So.. I did have to do some tweeking but I found out in their bug reports all the fixes I needed. First off my web cam was not responding. This was a simple fix, I just had to go in to the BIOS of my EEE and enable the camera. Apparently Asus's Xandros install ignores BIOS settings. This is bad.

The second thing was I wanted to be able to listen to my Gridstream. I used to play Anarchy Online and I do miss that game but I got addicted to WoW. I still listen to GSP though, I love the station even though I'm totally loving being a tauren druid.

Anyhow the media codecs needed to listen to GSP were not in the base install and I had to download those from the update repositories. There still was a bug in the release code that prevented the update manager from function properly. I had to go to the console and delete a bunch of files in two directories by hand. After that things just worked and downloaded and now I have music. The two directories are:


NOTE: You need to keep the partial sub directory itself intact. Here's the bug report.

Oh and just take a look at the sweet Netbook Remix interface!

So yeah, I'm happy now. :)