Sunday, September 7, 2008

Ubuntu and the EEE PC

Today I got my EEE PC 1000 40G setup with the new version of Ubuntu EEE. As far as I can tell most of everything I want working out of the box is. I'm very happy with this because the default Asus OS that shipped with my EEE was broken all to hell and back and I did not want to run Windows. (ugh!)

So.. I did have to do some tweeking but I found out in their bug reports all the fixes I needed. First off my web cam was not responding. This was a simple fix, I just had to go in to the BIOS of my EEE and enable the camera. Apparently Asus's Xandros install ignores BIOS settings. This is bad.

The second thing was I wanted to be able to listen to my Gridstream. I used to play Anarchy Online and I do miss that game but I got addicted to WoW. I still listen to GSP though, I love the station even though I'm totally loving being a tauren druid.

Anyhow the media codecs needed to listen to GSP were not in the base install and I had to download those from the update repositories. There still was a bug in the release code that prevented the update manager from function properly. I had to go to the console and delete a bunch of files in two directories by hand. After that things just worked and downloaded and now I have music. The two directories are:


NOTE: You need to keep the partial sub directory itself intact. Here's the bug report.

Oh and just take a look at the sweet Netbook Remix interface!

So yeah, I'm happy now. :)

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