Sunday, May 31, 2009

Newer isn't always better...

When I was playing around with Linux, I found that there wasn't much out there for personal finance software. What I did find didn't really appeal to me and while GNU Cash and KMoney are nice they were a bit overkill in the ways of accounting. I always bounced around from Quicken to Microsoft Money for a simple check book. Last time I played with Ubuntu I found that my current copy of Money 2007 didn't work with Wine.

So this weekend I was cleaning out my closet. In a box of CD cases I found my old Money 2000 CD. I did like Money 2000 and didn't really want to upgrade. Sadly I bought Windows Vista and *HAD* to upgrade to Money 2007.

I decided to give it a shot on my EEE and see if it'd run in Wine under Ubuntu and it installed and ran fine. So older software that ran perfectly fine back in the day is useful again. It also may be running a little snappier since it's on newer hardware with less overhead. :)

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