Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Netbook Rambling

Last year I bought an Asus EEE 701 4G netbook. It had the small 7" screen and tiny keyboard but it was a dream come true for work. Low powered computer that just worked. I was so happy with the 4G I bought a second netbook a few months later. I got a shiny new EEE 1000 40G.

Well I started out using the Xandros Linux on the EEE's and it worked great but I wanted more. So I tried Windows XP for a short time but XP was such a bloated and slow mess I went back to Xandros. Then along came UbuntuEEE (Now EasyPeasy) and I was really happy what it did for my 40G. Finally Canonical came out with Ubuntu 9.04 netbook remix and it's the bees knees for netbook OS's.

So now what do i want in an upgrade? Well I imagine I won't bother upgrading for a long time. My 701 4G sits around doing nothing but my 1000 40G is chugging along great, still the day will come when it will need replaced so here's my list what I'm looking for now.

  • Solid state drive.
  • 2 gigs of ram
  • 10" display that will handle 1024x768 natively.
  • Processor isn't too big a deal. These are supposed to be low powered machines where heat isn't a problem and battery life goes on and on. Little faster wouldn't hurt so long as it's low powered.
  • Battery life lasts a very long time. (Greater then 8 hours)
  • The rest of it can basically be like the EEE 1000 40G.
  • Support for Linux drivers from the manufacture or Ubuntu Netbook Remix preinstalled. :)
Now over time this will change somewhat I imagine, but that is what would make me buy a new netbook at this point.

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