Monday, November 2, 2009

Holy Ubuntu's Batman!

So today I sat down with my netbook, which is an EEE PC 1000 40G, and I was greeted by an upgrade notice from my operating systems update feature. It told me there was a new version of Ubuntu out that I could download and install. In a nut shell, my little PC would upgrade the whole operating system from 9.04 to 9.10.

Being of sound mind and not wanting to lose anything I backed up everything in my home directory to a USB drive and said, "Ok! Sure!" What happened next is the stuff of legends, something even Microsoft has yet to achieve in all their Windows 7 glory. The operating system downloaded all the files necessary for the upgrade and installed everything without a hitch. I didn't even have to restore from my backup, everything was just there.

Now I realize everyone has different hardware and things going on their systems but for my configuration of hardware and what I was expecting (DOOM) I was really shocked to see it go smoothly. It went better then my Windows 7 install which was easy peasy from the DVD it installed from because I didn't have to wipe the drive or anything.

After everything installed and I booted up things looked different.

I have to say it was a great experience and things look snazy and respond very nicely.

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