Monday, October 11, 2010

Minecraft Addiction

I'm hooked, it's not as flexible as NWN was when making things but what it gives in return for that lack of flexibility makes it much more enjoyable. I remember posting earlier on this blog how I was looking for something to not only be fun but challenge me to think and be creative. Minecraft has accomplished this nicely.

I've been doing the single player survival game ever since I purchased the alpha. While I've not built anything massive except a mine shaft and a large mining area square shaped at the bedrock of the Earth. I'm slowly figuring things out and trying different things.

I'll post a screen shot of my mining project as well as other shots later on. :)


Toliver Edge said...

What is Minecraft and when did EVERYONE start blogging about it?

Sean said...

It's a game where your entire world is made of blocks. Kind of like Lego but without the Legos.

You can build anything you can imagine and playing in survival mode lets you fight against spiders, zombies, creepers, and skeletons.

The game is only in alpha stages of development where more features are being added as time goes on. However some players have already made working computer parts in the game world itself using an item called red stone dust.

It's really a great game and while it's in Alpha you pay half price to play and test.