Friday, May 13, 2011

I have totally reached a new conclusion...

I'm really enjoying Champions Online more then WoW game wise. My little comparison below wasn't too far off on how things work, I could refine it more but I'd just say go and play the game since it's free to play up to max level.

The best part about the whole game I found is the fact that all my characters look the way I want them to and I can find more costume pieces along with regular gear to use on existing or new characters. In World of Warcraft I hated how my night elf druid from 2004 never had the bear claw hands I wanted him to get. That bugged me every single day even when I played my Tauren and couldn't get him to look the way I wanted at all times of game play.

I still miss people from Feathermoon and would love to be able to gab with with them regularly. RP was always fun there and people came up with some fun and crazy characters. CO isn't bad either, I finally found an RP super group (guild) and things are going pretty good. I think I tapped in to the role play community on CO and it's pretty good.

I only have a few characters but here's the stable I got so far. It's amazing the diversity of looks you can come up with. From a regular grumpy old dwarf in plate to angels, demons, semi-modern soldiers, and even zombies! The random look generator is even more wild in the creations it sometimes comes up with.

I decided to be brave and follow the path of Grizz with some characters. Never really rolled female characters before but I've done an even mix as you can see.

Can't wait till they come out with secret lairs in CO. It'll be fun sticking my zombie guy in the "Parents Basement" themed secret lair.

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