Saturday, December 8, 2012

When fan made is really damn good.

For being fan made this video is really damn good.

I downloaded the whole video from the site they said it was at and it's 2 gigs of awesomeness.

In other news I'm digging back in to my Java programming roots from college as well as my first job. I'm diving in to Liferay portlet technology for projects. Once I got over the initial brain fart hurdles it's actually quite nice working with Eclipse and Git. Mixing that with some PL/SQL programming is turning out to be even more fun.

As for pointless fun, I built a castle in Minecraft. Even has a working iron gate.

I like keeping the inside of my castle walls practical yet somewhat decorative.

Full blown village, garden, smithy, apartments, animal pens, and I even made a central market area with nice colorful stands. The melon patch where the melons and pumpkins grow is hooked up to a piston system that knocks them all off the vines at the flick of a switch making for easy harvests.

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