Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Druids and WoW...

There are days I really miss playing my druids in World of Warcraft. So much so I remade one of my druids in Champions Online. I have to say he looks damn good compared to what he did in WoW. I only wish I could make my Tauren one as well. ;)

If anyone recognizes this Night Elf. This is exactly how I pictured him back in 2004 when I first signed on to WoW. Sadly he never got the bear shoulders (went to shamans and hunters as mail armor) and he never got the bear claw gloves (fist weapons druids couldn't use completely.)

Out of all the fancy armors Blizzard could ever make, all I asked for ultimately for Nim was something so simple and basic that he never got till the Champions game.

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Jackie Smith said...

Oh nice I haven't seen any nerdy or geeky blogs yet. keep posting.