Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Partying Teenagers

I read a story where a bunch of teenagers broke in to some guys home. Apparently they knew his kids or something and while the family was out of town about 300 of them broke in to his house and trashed the place.

Anyhow all the kids twittered, facebooked, etc the whole thing in real time and the guy was watching his house get trashed. After everything was said and done and police cleared the place the guy decided to put the twitter and facebook postings on a website to name and shame the kids using their own public social media and the kids parents got upset.

Well you check out his site and see all the party people who got nailed for doing the wrong thing. (http://helpmesave300.com/)

Oh one other thing, they guy made an offer for them to come help clean up and basically own up to what they did. Out of 300 kids, only one showed up to do the right thing. To me that says something sad about how parents are raising their children these days. Still I'm glad one kid was raised well and mature enough to know they made a mistake and fess up to things.

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