Saturday, January 17, 2015

New PC & Windows 8.1

So I took the plunge to Windows 8.1 a few days ago because I built a nice new PC. 4ghz i7, 32 gigs ram, 250gig ssd, 2tb hard drive, Nvidia 750ti, big glowing blue light case with black metal. So yeah, a really nice rig.

Anyhow I decided to get Windows 8.1 because 7 was losing more support from Microsoft and I didn't feel like installing 7 Home and upgrading to Pro even though I had the licenses to do it. (Lots of hoops) so I installed 8.1.

First thing out of the box was getting to the Desktop which wasn't too bad. After that I tried to find the control panel which took a bit of time but I finally found it to avoid the setting app Microsoft has in the Metro side of things. I pinned that sucker and Explorer to the task bar so I didn't have to go metro anymore for PC config.

I did some digging and found a good replacement for the lack of a standard start menu. Classic Start 8 seems to be a pretty good replacement and does the job till Microsoft manages to put a Start Menu back in to Windows where it belongs. It's a shame you need a third party developer to get something that's been working and standard in Windows since 95. Still my desktop is now in a useable state with 8.1 even though I have two start buttons.(I've had less troubles with Linux installs then I had with Windows 8.x as far as figuring things out. :/ )

That is one of many wallpapers that makes me miss the good times in WoW on Feathermoon a while ago. City raids, fire story telling, Guildwatch meetings, the art some players did and shared with others, and especially a drinking shaman who got everyone to totem dance in Scholomance and other places. :)

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