Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Conference Time!!!

So I just spent the past two days at a PABUG conference in the Harrisburg PA area. For those that don't know, PABUG is Pennsylvania Banner Users Group. It's a group of universities in Pennsylvania and around the state of PA that use the Sungard's Banner software.

The first day wasn't bad on Monday. I went thinking the morning would be more interesting then the afternoon and that turned out to be the exact opposite. Tuesday turned out to be a more techy type day. I spent a lot of time hearing talks on Oracle's Application Express.

The very last session of the conference was a bit odd. Apparently Sungarde is moving in a Java/Adobe Flex path for their Banner product. I wasn't aware of it for the most part till that session. Everyone was asking about APEX and talking about what it could do for them. Then the Sungarde people kinda just brushed it off. Atleast that is how it seemed to me.

Ah well... it was a good conference anyway.

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