Friday, February 6, 2009

You know it's going to be a good day when...

You walk in to work and sit down at your computer and you notice the little anti-virus icon is different from yesterday. Well on my campus we use a product called LanDesk to push software out to users. All well and good and apparently they switched anti-virus packages last night.

Now here's the problem, I right click on my recycle bin to empty it and suddenly the Symantec Anti-virus installer pops up instead of the recycle bin menu. Apparently from what I read out on Symantec's site their uninstaller is broken and from the looks of things on my computer, leaving left-overs when it should be cleaning up.

Right now I'm having a blast uninstalling Landesk AV (Because it broke while trying to remove Symantec) and get ready for a 10am meeting. FUN!

Update: I killed it! WITH FIRE!!! My PC is fixed now.

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Lori Erickson said...

Not to laugh at your misery or anything, but I spent HOURS a week or so ago trying to get Symantec stuff to install properly on THREE computers.

So I feel better knowing that it's evidently them and not just me. Because if the God of PC's had to use fire to fix it, then it had to be really broken.

Glad you got it worked out, though. Now you can go enjoy your meeting. :)