Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Did you ever look at the world and say, "Hey that used to be a corn field." or "Hey that used to be a woods with deer." or maybe even, "I remember when mustangs were running there." Looking at those places these days I see businesses and cheap but expensively priced row homes. Human progress is really going forward but the price seems like too much sometimes as the world you once knew suddenly becomes more and more of a concrete jungle.


Anonymous said...

i would love to live in a jungle bt not in spidermans paradise...!!

Ellesar said...

This happens to me a lot now. But then I do live in a large city where things are always changing. It is usually difficult to remember what was there before.

Honestly, some spammers will get their crap in anyhow won't they - 'Julia' being a case in point!

kevin21 said...
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