Monday, February 27, 2012

It's all fun and games....

Till one of the logs you are tossing in to the back of the pickup truck bounces and hits the rear window. Then it's *CRACK!* and you see the beauty that is a spiderweb start to go all over the back window. Oh well truck gets fixed tomorrow and nobody got hurt.

In other news I'm bouncing between games right now. I've been enjoying the customizations available in Champions Online but also found Star Trek Online to be appealing. It's seriously awesome to fly around the galaxy in my own ship like that and it's not as complicated or demanding as I heard other games like Eve Online are.

I can live with this. CO has some decent RP in it, I need to find some in STOL. I've been keeping an eye out at Deep Space 9 but so far Quarks has been rather empty. I found out one thing though, when you do make contacts and get in to social groups you can not only meet in public places but also your own ship as well.

I've been exploring my own ship a bit. It's not as vast as a full starship might be but there's a bridge, engineering deck, and a crew deck you can invite people to and hang out at. My ready room is a bit lavish but nice.

I've played some of the PvE dungeon queues. So far things aren't bad, I like the fleet engagements where you rescue star bases. The only down side is when everyone goes their own way all over the place and people get caught in the initial second wave of assault ships that come in on their own.

Nothing like having around eight torpedoes and several disruptor blast take your back shield from 100% to 0% and cut half your hull away in about a second. :) That was a fun first time when that happened, I now stick more to packs of ships when playing those instances.

My tactical captain is fun but my Vulcan science captain will be interesting to play as well. I'll have him in ships named after famous Astrophysics people.

One final thing for the gamer types. From sitting around and listening to chats it sounds like there's more of an end game progression in STOL then there is in CO. I'm still leveling my characters but I'm anxious to go on these Borg Queen encounters. :P

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